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I just found these pre 9/11 pictures . I used to take my laptop and camera down to a beach near my home, The twin towers are no more , and I'm not in New York City anymore. I still believe that microradio is a way to resist the control of our consiousness by the media. Even before 9-11 I feared that there would an attack on our ability to communicate, control of the electronic media continues to be consolidated and the patriarchs celebrate the victory of "family values" over feminism. I'm now living an a rural area where the mirco-radio idea is not a practical idea, however more than ever I believe that we need to work on the tools that would allow us to communicate and network in any eventuality. I appreciate reports on such subjects as:

Voice Scrambling 
Shortwave/ ham radio / clandestine broadcasting 
Micro/pirate radio
low power legal radio 
smart mobs
Interesting applications for those FRS Walkie Talkies

Love Alice Austen
The Phantom Towers Speech
OR The Phantom Towers Speech