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Boston Area Links

Boston Lesbian Resources
for the Boston Transgender and Gender Queer Communities - and for free thinkers of all kinds
Boston Lesbian Avengers
Smashing the patriarchy At the Speed of the Internet

NEST O'VIPERS!-Monthly Online Magazine

Anonymous Girls is a young women's arts and activism group from the Boston area, stemming out of the Variotee craze of the late late 90s
The Faux
Circuit GirlGyrating Sister of Sappho, and possibly romance await. Who knows? You might even get to dance with that cutie you were eyeing Thursday night at the Midway Cafe. And if not there's always brunch in JP tomorrow morning.
Greater Boston Chapter of the National Organizaton for Women

Boston Women's Studies

The Ivory Tower

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 14E-316
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
NORTHEAST U Calendar of Events
WOMEN'S CENTER 439 Ryder Hall (617) 373- 3227 email: BU Women's Studies minor in the College of Arts and Sciences Professor Shahla Haeri, Director 232 Bay State Road, Room 410 Boston, Massachusetts 02215 (617) 353-2197

Wellesley Centers for Women
Wellesley Centers for Women
Wellesley College
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
(781) 283-2500

Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies
Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies
Laura Roskos, Coordinator
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
10 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
phone: (617) 496-3022; fax: (617) 495-7644

106 Eaton Hall
Medford, MA  02155
Tel:(617) 627-2955
Fax:(617) 627/3032

Women's Center at Tufts University
Women's Center at Tufts University
55 Talbot Avenue, Medford, MA 02155
phone: 617-627-3184 / fax: 617-627-3228 

415 South Street 
Waltham MA 02454-9110
Boston College (minor in WS)
Women's Studies Program Sociology Department McGuinn 519A Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Phone: 617.552.4198 Womens Resource Center Mc Elroy Commons Chestnut Hill, MA O2167 (617) 552-3489 U Mass Boston
University of Massachusetts Boston Jean Humez Women's Studies Program Wheatley, 5th Floor 100 Morrissey Blvd. Boston, MA 02125 - 3393 (617) 287 - 6780 The program office, shared with American Studies, is located at the Harbor Campus in the Phillis Wheatley Building, Fifth Floor, Room 003 (287-6780). U Mass, Lowell Center for Women and Work (CWW) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell CWW Office: Phone 978-934-4380 Fax 978-934-4053 Co-Directors: Meg A. Bond and Jean L. Pyle Dr. Meg A. Bond Dept. of Psychology (978) 934-3971 E-mail: Dr. Jean L. Pyle Dept. of Regional Economic & Social Dev. (978) 934-2792 E-mail: Nature and Magical Religions Harvard women's studies
Committee on Degrees in Women's Studies Faculty of Arts and Sciences Harvard University Barker Center 12 Quincy St. Cambridge, MA 02138 Juliet Schor, Director 617-495-9922 Women's Net
Here's an interesting women's studies site: Virginia Tech Feminist Theory WebsiteKRISTIN SWITALA
Women's Studies Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

New York Area Links:

Bluestockings Bookstore

The Street Harassment Project

The Problackgrrrl Movement for Universal Freedom

Women Empowered Through Revolutionary Ideas Supporting Enterprise

Meow Mix is located at 269 E. Houston Street @Suffolk (between Aves. A-B) in Manhattan's East Village, New York City. Subway: train to 2nd Ave. You must be 21 or older to enter; bring ID. Happy Hour daily 5:00pm - 8:00pm

What happened to Swing the Pussy???


LADYFEST EAST Sept 6-9 2001
NYC Lesbians FUN Beaching parties Sundays
Afro Lezzie Funk Gyrl

NY Music Scene

Black Flamingo
Florence Yoo
Spiritual Significance of Ganesha Worship

Washington DC Area Links

The Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) is a national consortium of women’s colleges working together to educate women for public leadership. PLEN believes that women’s participation is critical in shaping public policy in communities, the nation and the world.
Women's EDGE is a dynamic coalition of individuals and respected organizations that is giving women and families around the world an economic edge.
Women's Studies Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County Address: UMBC Women's Studies Program 1000 Hilltop Circle Baltimore, MD. 21250 Program Director: Dr. Carole McCann Director's Office: Fine Arts 424; (410) 455-2161


Real Amazons NetZine a journal outlining both current academic work concerning the Amazons, the Sarmatians, and other steppe nomads, and world perspectives on history, art, philosophy and technology, including cultural critique of fandom, feminism and post-feminism.
Amazons Links Bonobos: The Left Bank Chimpanzees
Bonobo Sex and Society Just imagine that we had never heard of chimpanzees or baboons and had known bonobos first. We would at present most likely believe that early hominids lived in female- centered societies, in which sex served important social functions and in which warfare was rare or absent. In the end, perhaps the most successful reconstruction of our past will be based not on chimpanzees or even on bonobos but on a three-way comparison of chimpanzees, bonobos and humans

Where were the women? - Marija Gimbutas


IGC useful guides for starting, running and funding a nonprofit organization Boston Independent Media Center

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